What Questions Should You Ask When Choosing Flexible Ducting Products?

What are the most common questions you should ask? Here are some of them:


What application will you be using these flexible ducting products?


With the wide range of materials present in the market, choosing the right type of duct for your project is important.




Because choosing the wrong material for your ducting project can only cause malfunction, or even worse it can even damage your whole system, which can be very expensive.


So, it is important to know if the flexible ducting product you are buying is applicable to its purpose.


How do you know what material to consider?


There are many types of flexible ducting products you can choose from. This includes:


  • High-temperature silicone
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Thermal plastic


A knowledgeable flexible ducting supplier will know the different capabilities and limitations of their products.


For example, a polyurethane duct is usually used for kitchen cabinet manufacturing because of its ability to bear abrasion. While a High-temperature silicone is perfect for heat transfer etc. Therefore, it is important to ask for their recommendations. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong one.


Is it to be used for an industrial exhaust application?


When it comes to industrial exhausts, highly caustic materials which can be composed of either or both harmful toxins and hot industrial-grade air. With this, flexible ducts made from top-grade materials like rubber and silicone is advised.


What type should I consider for air movement?


Choosing a flexible duct for unique air movements can be challenging. You need to consider its temperature, blowing and even the suction properties. So look closely at the maximum temperature and pressure capacity these flexible duct properties can offer.


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Is it abrasive resistant?


When it comes to flexible ducting, one of the most important things you need to ask is if it’s abrasive resistant? Why? Because solid materials like gravel, dirt, and even dry leaves can be sucked inside these ducts.


These can scuff or scratch the duct from the inside and cause early wearing. So, when you’re choosing a flexible duct, make sure to ask if it’s abrasive resistant. That way, you’ll know how strong and durable the duct is.



Can it be used for air intake, brake ducting, or fresh cabin?


Flexible ducts can be used in various applications, however, not all ducts are the same. So, it’s important to ask if the duct you’re eyeing is compatible with the application you need. For example, can it be used for air intake, brake ducting, or fresh cabin?


Asking these things will allow your duct supplier to provide you with the right flexible ducting you need. So, make sure to never forget to ask if for what application a flexible duct is.


Why Choose Hose Supplier Australia for Your Flexible Ducting Product Needs?


These are just some of the important questions you can ask when you’re looking for a flexible duct. Asking questions like these about the duct that you need will get you to know the various flexible ducts.


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