We have different hose accessories for sale online. This includes nozzles, hose reels, sealants, fire products, clamps and more.

Hot water nozzles

Keep your kitchen and floors clean with these hot water nozzles. Schedule a regular washdown routine while equipping your home and business with high quality hot water nozzles they can use for various industrial needs.

Fire Products

We have fire products for sale, which includes fire reel hoses. These are effective for fire extinguishing purposes. See the materials and its working pressure capacity here.


Talk to us for any hose clamp requirement you may need for your pipes, hoses and gaiters. These Hose clamps are perfect for automotive, marine, white goods manufacturing, medical industry and construction.

Sealants and Ducting Products

Fix your pipe and hose leaks with affordable and effective hose and pipe sealants. These are rated for a range of system pressures and temperatures. It is also compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

Do you need ducting products for your home or industrial use in Brisbane and Gold Coast?

See our available ducting products online. These are made from high quality materials including rubber, polyurethane and other durable materials.

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