We sell various types of tubes, hydraulic hoses, hose fittings online for Brisbane and Toowoomba. This includes the following:

Hoses for Sale Online

We have a variety of hoses for all your different needs. Look at our products available online, today:

Toilet Sanitation Hoses

We have various toilet hoses available for your marine toilets and low pressure delivery requirements. This is made from white PVC and can withstand a maximum working pressure of 130 Psi @ 20 Deg C.

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Garden Hose

Choose from different high quality garden hoses for sale online. This comes in various length and diameter. Learn more about our various garden hoses below:

Multipurpose Garden Hose

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Hose is used to convey hydraulic fluid to valves, actuators and other hydraulic components. This has several layers to ensure it operates efficiently even with very high pressure.

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Lay Flat Hoses

Lay flat hoses are commonly used for discharging water in mining and construction. Choose from our lay flat hose to ensure your water discharge is done efficiently thanks to its heavy wall thickness, which allows it to withstand high working pressure.

Know more about our red lay flat hoses and blue lay flat hoses.

Marine Exhaust Hoses

We have durable marine wet exhaust hoses for your marine exhaust and seawater mixture needs. This is covered in black corrugated rubber, which makes it oil and ozone resistant.

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PVC Hoses

Now you can choose from various types of PVC hoses for various applications including drinking hoses and food hoses. We have a broad range of chemical, corrosion, abrasion and wear resistance.

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Rubber Hoses

Rubber hoses are used for a variety of mining, industrial and agricultural applications. See the different types of rubber hoses we have on sale for you.

Silicon Hoses

Silicone hoses are used in the pharmaceutical, machine-building, construction, food, medical, automotive and power industry. This is because of its resistance to both low and high temperatures, high resilience and compressibility, good resistance to oxidation, dielectric breakdown properties, and physiological inertness.

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Tubes for Sale Online

Aside from pipes, we also sell tubes for various applications. This includes the following:

Nylon Tubes

Nylon tubes can withstand higher temperatures and pressures compared to other tubing materials. This makes it a great substitute for metal because of its lightweight and corrosion resistant properties.

Polyurethane Tubes

This combines the properties of plastic and rubber, which makes it perfect for some chemical applications.

Tygon Tube

This is a popular name in the tubing industry and is used in various industries including medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy, semiconductor processing, and chemical applications. This is the preferred tubes by these industries because of its resistance to chemical attack when handling slurry, gaseous or liquid chemicals.

Fire Nozzles for Sale Online

We have various nozzles and valves for sale. This includes high-quality fire nozzles from trusted brands including TRU design. Learn more.

Ducting Supplies for Sale Online

We have various ducting materials made from polyurethane, rubber and other materials. Learn more about these products available online.

Brass Fittings for Sale Online

We supply various skin fitting items for sale. This includes plastic, stainless steel, brass and other types of fittings.

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