We sell different types of fittings for your different needs. Choose from our list of products below:

Air fittings

We have a variety of air fittings for your pneumatic and compressed air applications. Call us at 07 55971402 or 07 3890 3359 if you find it difficult to find the air fitting you need for your application.

Bauer Couplings

These are quick to assemble couplings that come in various sizes and diameter. It is commonly used in pumping and water transfer during construction, road maintenance, and water irrigation projects.

Order your Bauer Couplings online, today.

Black steel fittings

Being made from metal, black steel fittings are strong enough to withstand any temperatures changes due to varying weather conditions. We have various black steel fittings for your water, steam and gas applications.

Call us to know the available sizes we have online.

Brass fittings

Brass Fittings are used for different purposes. This includes pipe attachments, flare fittings and threaded fasteners. This is preferred by many because of its exceptional hardness, flexibility, durability and rust resistance qualities.

Learn more about our brass fitting products.

Buttweld fittings

Choose our high quality Buttweld fittings to mechanically join, change direction or branch off equipment to your systems. Talk to us for any of your Buttweld fitting requirements in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Cam and Groove couplings (Camlocks)

Also known as a cam and groove couplings, cam lock fittings are used to connect and disconnect pipes and hoses in an easy and efficient manner without the need of any complex tools. These secure and tightens the lock of your hoses and pipes via its male and female ends.

Choose from our poly and aluminium cam lock fittings, today.

Galvanised fittings (Gal Fittings)

Galvanised (Gal) fittings have a long life but low maintenance and initial costs. This is tough enough to withstand damages due to service, assembly and transport processes. It is also very easy to install, which makes the assembly process faster.

Find affordable and high quality gal fittings your desired application, today.

Garden Hose Fittings

We have garden hose fittings that are extremely convenient to use. These offer a quick, reliable and watertight solution for all your garden hose needs. Use it for garden taps and hoses and even for your hose and appliance applications.

John Guest Fittings

We take pride in being a supplier of John Guest Fittings for your various fitting application needs. This includes push-fit fittings, pipe fittings, and valves for your different motorhome, caravan, commercial plumbing and drinking system requirements.

See our John Guest Fitting products online.

Nylon fittings

Nylon hose fittings, although durable, have its own limitations. It should not be used with pressures beyond 150 PSI at normal room temperatures and compressed gases. However, it is great for a broad range of non aggressive chemicals including agricultural chemicals, pestacides and water.

Poly fittings for irrigation and chemical applications

Poly fittings are made from polyethylene materials that makes it perfect to be used in colder climates. It has a very high weather resistance properties that do not allow it to crack even during cold temperatures.

Find leak proof and snap proof fittings from our list of high quality poly fitting products, today. See our poly fitting products online.

Skin fittings

Skin fitting is used to help maintain waste water out of any boat or hull while allowing seawater to get in for engine cooling. Choose from our variety of skin fittings available including bronze, plastic and stainless steel skin fitting.

Stainless steel fittings (hose tails)

Use our stainless steel hose tail products for more aggressive fluids. Its heavy duty pattern has corrosion resistant properties to ensure it will last for a long period. See some of our products.