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Known as one of leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings such as valves and pipe fittings for your home and commercial needs. Buy one, today.

Part Number Size mm Description UOM
JGPE12100B 12 Blue 12mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGPE12100E 12 Black 12mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGPE12100R 12 Red 12mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGPM0412E 12 12mm Tube Joiner Ea
JGPM0312E 12 12mm Tube Elbow Ea
JGPM0212E 12 12mm Tube Tee Ea
JGPM011203E 12 x 3/8 12mm Tube x 3/8 Bsp Male Adaptor Ea
JGPM011204E 12 x 1/2 12mm Tube x 1/2 Bsp Male Adaptor Ea
JGRM011214 12 x 1/2 12mm Tube x 1/2 Bsp Brass Male Adapt Ea
JGCM451214FS 12 x 1/2 12mm Tube 1/2 FbspAdaptor Ea
JGPM1212E 12 12mm Tube Bulkhead Ea
JGPM0812R 12 12mm Plug Ea
JGTSM1209S 12 12mm Tube Insert Ea
JGPM1812R 12 12mm Locking Ring Ea
JGPPMSV041212W 12 12mm Tube Valve Ea
JGTB15 15 Blue 15mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGTG15 15 Green 15mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGTR15 15 Red 15mm O/D Tube Mtr
JGJ15 15 15mm Tube Joiner Ea
JGE15 15 15mm Tube Elbow Ea
JGT15 15 15mm Tube Tee Ea
JGC1512M 15 x 1/2 15mm Tube x 1/2 Bsp Male Adaptor Ea
JGBMC1512 15 x 1/2 Tube x 1/2 Bsp Brass Male Adapt Ea
JGC1512F 15 x 1/2 Tube x 1/2 FbspAdaptor Ea
JGI15 15 15mm Tube Insert Ea
JGLC15 15 15mm Locking Ring Ea
JGVALVE15 15 15mm Tube Valve Ea
JGEC15 15 15mm Tube End Cap Ea
JGSC1512 15 x 1/2 15mm Metric -1/2" Imperial Tube Reducer Ea
JGPC15W 15 15mm Pipe Saddle Ea
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