What To Look for In A PVC Hose for Drinking Water

Whether you are in a caravan, motorhome, or boat, nothing is more important than getting safe drinking water from your tank. With this, it’s essential to ensure that the water is not contaminated from the source up to the hose and outlets.

That is why it’s important to install and use the correct PVC hose for drinking water. You must check the material used in making the hose and if it conforms to the Australian standard AS 2070 (non-toxic food grade).

So, whether you’re caravaning, boating, or just want to make sure that you have a safe drinking water hose at home, come and stay up to the end of this blog.


What PVC hose is suitable for drinking water?

Now, let us answer our biggest question here. What PVC hose is suitable for drinking water?

The answer is – Food grade hose.


Food grade hose

A food grade hose is a type of PVC hose used for transferring food products such as granules, seeds, dairy products, wine, beer, and WATER.


From what is a food-grade hose made of?

This type of PVC hose needs to be durable, flexible, and easy to clean. It also needs to be able to maintain pressure in order to keep things moving. It must fully comply with the Australian standard AS 4020 (products for use in contact with drinking water).

It is a high-pressure hose non-toxic hose that is typically made from 3 different types of materials:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl chloride): is the standard choice because they’re light and can resist -20°C to +60°C. It’s ideal for transferring potable water and soft drinks but not for fatty foods. Usually, it’s transparent so it’s easy to spot if there’s any contamination in it.
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene): this material can withstand a temperature between -70°C to +260°C, which makes it suitable to use with flavourings. It is easier to clean than PVC but more expensive.


What makes a hose food and water safe?

In order for a hose to be tagged safe for food and water, it must fully conform with the Australia New Zealand Food Standard Code.


What are the best applications for Food grade hose

Food grade hoses are made versatile and suitable to use for various applications such as the following.

  • Drinking water application: this can range from drinking dispensers at restaurants to drinking fountains in schools.
  • Food industry application: the biggest market of food-grade hoses is the food industry because it’s ideal for processing foods.
  • Caravan/Marine application: food-grade hoses are also perfect for Caravan and Marine applications. They are used to fill tanks and collect drinking water from an on-site tap.
  • Animal farming application: since this hose is food-grade, it’s also suitable for animal farming applications. It can be used to transfer grain, seeds and other foods to livestock.


What are the properties of a food-grade PVC hose?

The design of a food-grade PVC hose can vary depending on the application it was made for. Nonetheless, they still share similar properties such as the following.


Abrasion Resistance

Since this type of hose is used for transferring solid products, it must be able to resist and stand abrasions to avoid cracks and leaks.


Odour Resistance

When food and drink are involved, the hose mustn’t transfer any odour or taste to the product when processing. That’s why it must have odour resistance.



For any food-grade PVC hose, flexibility is important as some application may require the hose to be kink and flexed.


Pressure Resistance

This type of hose can also withstand high pressures, unlike the common PVC hose that weakens in time.


Temperature Resistance

Food-grade hoses are also temperature resistant due to some foods that need to be processed under high temperature.


Does the PVC hose affect the taste of the water?

The PVC hose can affect the taste of the water if:

  • The hose is damaged
  • The hose is not the right type and size for your application
  • When the hose is put under a temperature that is more than its capacity

To ensure that your drinking water is safe, see to it that the PVC hose you use has met all the required standards. It must also be sterilised before use and make sure that there are no damages to the hose.

Do you need help finding the right PVC hose for drinking water for your Motorhome, Caravan, or Boat? Talk to us! We have a wide range of PVC hoses for various applications. With Hose Supplier Australia, you are rest assured that you’re drinking safe water through a top-quality PVC hose.